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Basic Quran Reading Level 2

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Basic Quran Reading Level 2

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This course is intended for college students who are not fluent in reading religious text and wish to enhance their reading skills. This course can give “Qiraat” observe so as to boost student’s confidence whereas applying ways that was tutored in previous level course. one amongst the most principles of fluent Quranic reading is repetition and ton of practice. The Qiraat course are a decent encouragement for those that are hesitant and stumble throughout recitation. Some remaining basic topics from Level one course are coated along side reading observe e.g. HamzatulWasl, Sun and moon letters etc.

Estimated course period (Adult): forty eight Hours
Estimated course period (Children): seventy two Hours
Estimated commitment of study : 2-3 Hours per week
Comprehensive Course Material enclosed
Course information
The aim of this course is to boost reading skills and develop fluency among students whereas boosting their confidence. this can be a follow-up course of “Basic religious text Reading Level 1” that completes religious text reading ability of a student. Topics that were coated in previous level one course are applied in level a pair of religious text reading course. This course can clear misunderstandings and can prepare student to hitch Tajweed courses in future insha-Allah.

Course summary
Unit one – Waqf (Rules of Stopping)
Unit a pair of – Hamza & Hamzat-ul-wasl
Unit three – Laam at-Tareef
Unit four – Reading observe (Surah Al-Bayyana, Al Alaq, As-Shams, At-tariq)
Unit five – Reading observe (Surah Al-layl, Al-fajr, Al-insan)
Unit half-dozen – Reading observe (Surah At-Takweed, Al-Mutaffifin, Surah Abasa)
Unit seven – Reading observe (Surah Al-Baqara to Surah Al-Imran)
Unit eight – Sun and moon letters
Unit nine – Reading observe until improvement in fluency
Unit ten – Examination
This is the follow-up course of Basic religious text Reading Level one, so student is needed to grasp a way to browse Arabic words and should have data of vowels, sukoon, madd, tanween and shaddah. Any student who has completed “Qaida”, “Noor-Al-Bayan” OR “AhsanulQuran” will be a part of this course likewise. Student is needed to attend lessons on time and collaborate with the teacher. just in case of youngsters, oldsters area unit needed to inspire and monitor the angle, alertness and therefore the behavior of student throughout lesson.

Student is needed to submit regular feedback to the institute concerning the course likewise as teacher

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I would like to get some information please. How many sessions a week, how long each session goes, what are your timings ,your monthly charges , any discount if more than one child register and how long the course is (48-72 hours)?

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M. Khan

Asalam Alikum
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