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Tajweed-Al-Quran Level 1

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Tajweed Quran Level 1

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Tajweed Quran level one course is for students who skills to browse Al-Quran and would really like to recite Koran with proper pronunciation and voice. because of the character of arabic language (the language of the Quran), it’s very necessary that its letters, words and sentences square measure pronounced as per its demand. a small modification in sound will modification the total that means in Arabic language. There square measure elaborated rules of reciting the Koran properly with correct pronunciation, these rules square measure known as as “Tajweed Rules”. Therefore, tajweed rules should be learned by each individual WHO is following to enhance his or her recitation.

Estimated course period (Adult): thirty six Hours
Estimated course period (Children): forty eight Hours
Estimated commitment of study : 2-3 Hours per week
Comprehensive Course Material enclosed
Course data
Recitation Style: Hafs

In this course, student can learn articulation points of Arabic letters, a way to stop at the top of words, noontide sakinah and tanween rules, Meem sakinah, laam sakinah, Qalqalah etc. This course won’t solely facilitate students to find out basic rules of tajweed, however will train a way to implement these rules throughout recitation. Teacher can specialize in theory similarly as apply (tilawah). every rule are going to be explained with detail examples from the Koran.

The aim of this course is to create the muse of tajweed among students, improve their makhaarij and to form them perceive the various ideas, strategies and rules of beginner’s level tajweed for improved recitation vogue.

Successful completion of this course can create the scholar notice the importance of the tajweed rules, fix their pronunciation and improve their reading skills.

Tajweed Quran Course summary

Unit one – Introduction to Tajweed
Unit 2: Makhaarij (points of articulation)
Unit three – noontide and Meem with shaddah
Unit four – Qalqalah
Unit five – Stopping at the top of words
Unit half dozen – noontide sakinah and Tanween rules
Unit seven – Meem sakinah rules
Unit eight – Laam Sakinah rules
Unit nine – Revision
Unit ten – Examination
To join this course, student should be able to scan Koran fluently.

Student is needed to attend lessons on time and join forces with the teacher. just in case of kids, oldsters square measure needed to inspire and monitor the perspective, alertness and therefore the behavior of student throughout lesson. Student is needed to submit regular feedback to the academy regarding the course similarly as teacher.

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