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Tajweed-Al-Quran Level 2

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This course entails the intermediate rules of tajweed for Quranic reading. This level is for college kids who have completed Tajweed level one or equivalent. This course can more facilitate students to enhance their recitation by applying the already learned rules through active on elite Surahs so learning more advanced rules of Tajweed (An-Nabr, Al-madd, Tafkheem/Tarqeeq etc)Tajweed-Al-Quran Level a pair of

Estimated course period (Adult): thirty two Hours
Estimated course period (Children): forty Hours
Estimated commitment of study : 2-3 Hours per week
Comprehensive Course Material enclosed
Course data
Recitation Style: Hafs

This course explains the construct of the accent (An-nabr) within the recitation of the fantastic sacred writing and therefore the conditions of its use, it additionally defines and explains the necessary chapter on the characteristics of the letters, tafkheem and tarqeeq area unit coated within the half, in addition because the construct hamzah al-wasl.
The aim of this course is to boost tajweed information of scholars at an equivalent time rising their recitation vogue and creating their tone sound sort of a Qari.
Course summary
Unit one – Ghunnah
Unit a pair of – Al-Madd (Elongation)
Unit three – Tafkheem and tarqeeq
Unit four – Hamzatul Wasl & Hamzatul Qat’a
Unit five – An-Nabr (The Accent)
Unit vi – Revision of Tajweed Level one
Unit seven – Tilawah
Unit eight – Examination
To join this course, student should be ready to browse sacred writing fluently and have completed Tajweed-ul-Quran Level one course or one thing cherish it.

Student is needed to attend lessons on time and work with the teacher. just in case of children, folks area unit needed to encourage and monitor the perspective, alertness and therefore the behavior of student throughout lesson.

Student is needed to submit regular feedback to the academy concerning the course in addition as teacher.

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